I frequently indulge My reliable and generous piglets in

their favorite fetishes. Some of My cash piggies enjoy

Chastity.... oh My that is SOO much fun !

I enjoy the hell out of keeping your key and tormenting

about how you don´t get any pussy.


I laugh My ass off when you moan about oozing everywhere

and beg for release. I get tickled at the idea of permanently

insisting that if you want to orgasm you have to do it

with a blow up sheep !


I enjoy making your wear pretty panties and having you

put a plug up your ass.

you´ll pay handsomely for this suffering.


Let´s not forget the agony and torment of those oinkers

that enjoy Cuckoldry..... the knowledge that I am

spending your money dating and fucking someone other

than you.


you indulge My hedomistic desires so well that I have

plenty of time to find Real Men to pleasure Me !

And I LOVE to share the details !


My little SISSIES are taunted, criticized and otherwised

demeaned. My SLUTS are pimped out for My financial gain.

All of this with a Healthy dose of humiliation, as you all

are ultimately here for My entertiament and benefit.

The thought of giving Me your money slowly becomes

an obsession, an addiction.


The idea of being totally under My Control and at My whim

keeps you awake at night crazed with excitement.

you know you can´t help yourself, why even try?